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How can you fulfill your language requirement without interfering with your other classes?

The Italian program allows you to the take either elementary Italian I or II separately or both blocks in a row. In one word: FLEXIBILITY.

An example? You can take Elementary Italian I during Block 3 and then you have three opportunities to fulfill your language requirement with Elementary Italian II: Block 4, Block 6, or during a Summer Class on campus (block B) (NOT available summer 2018).

STEP BY STEP PROGRESSION: if you have some hesitations about learning a new language or if you just like to start with micro steps, we offer an adjunct class Introduction to Italian (IT101) for complete beginners and a Half-Block Class (IT110) to work on communication skills and prepare you for a trip to Italy.

For example you can start with the adjunct class  (Introduction to Italian) with Diana, take Elementary Italian I during block 3 with Dariorefresh your memory during the Half-Block Class in January, and finally conclude your Language Requirement during Block 6 taking Elementary Italian II.

GREAT SUPPORT: During the blocks on campus you can count on your professor (of course!) and on Diana, our Cultural Program Coordinator, to answer all your questions and hold review sessions before exams.

Relatively STRAIGHTFORWARD: According to this ranking, Italian is a category I language for languages closely related to English. This means that after 2 blocks you will be able to speak and survive in Italy!

COST-EFFECTIVE: The Italian book is relatively inexpensive, as I explain here.

So make your calculations carefully:


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