volleyball, or basketball, or…

…any other sport on campus?

Sometimes it can be hard to balance athletics and class commitments. You might have been denied admission to a class due to your tournament schedule and subsequent absences. This can negatively affect your academic plans.

Maybe this has already happened to you. Your practice and game schedule will hinder your class choices, because professors will say “too many absences! How can you keep up with the program?”

If this problem sounds familiar to you, we might have the solution for you: Welcome to the Italian program!

Our language program offers multiple assets:

  1. Absences: we authorize absences due to your commitment  with the team. Sometimes other language departments don’t allow more than 2 days of absence.
  2. Flexibility: we allow a student to take the two blocks for the language requirement separately. For example a student can start to learn Italian during block 3 (Italian elementary I) and complete the language requirement (Italian elementary II) during block 6 or summer block B (not available summer 2018).  This opportunity is not granted by other language programs.
  3. Support: if necessary we can organize one to one make-up lessons on campus during the week or weekend, thanks to our Cultural Program Coordinator (Diana Battistella).

Here is a link to answer your FAQ.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact Dario at dsponchiado@Coloradocollege.edu

 Hope to see you soon in the Italian class!