On Wednesday night the Italian house turned into a lab of polpette!
IMG_4099 (1)We produced and ate an incredible amount of vegetarian meatballs, made with patate, melanzane, carote and formaggio. And we even found a name for our future restaurant: Pasta la pallina

Here are the highlights of our night together:


 Cutting cheese and mashing veggies is a thorough work: check out their precision!


Here are Suzy and Michaela mastering the art of mashed veggy sculpture: it’s a portrait of Dario!



And here is Quincy doing… well, we don’t know exactly. But we must say, it was one of the few moments he took a rest!



And finally: ready to shape the meatballs and fill them with cheese!




Either fried or baked, our polpette are the BEST!