Last block our class had an amazing opportunity: an alumna of CC, Ann Baldriga, opened her house to us for a pizza workshop!


Before even touching the dough, Ann wanted to check if we were fit for the job 😉 She gave us a little quiz about Italian cultural facts and we passed it!57381scr_wm_9c5c7a7befedfe5

Then she showed us the simple ingredients we were going to use: un impasto a base di farina di grano, olio d’oliva e pomodoro, and much more.



So, here we are con le mani in pasta!


Each of us carefully rolled their own pizza and decided how to top it.


And from a simple white dough, we created colorful and delicious pieces of art!!

57386scr_wm_a90bd0112f93f27Image result for immagine gesto delizioso



Thanks to Ann for opening her house to us and always supporting our projects.

And thanks to Danny, who took and edited these beautiful pics!