Casa Italiana

Did you know that Colorado College has an Italian House?

Did noticed the Italian flag between the language Houses :)?

If you would like to know what Residential Life says about it, click here.

If you want to read the perspective of the Department of French and Italian, look here.

But to give a view from inside we interviewed for you Sara Venturelli, our former Cultural Program Coordinator (from September 2015 to May 2017).

  • Ciao Sara, tell us about your role at Colorado College and in the Italian House.

  • Ciao a tutti! This is my second year at CC as Italian Cultural Program Coordinator and I am really excited for the new school year. As a CPC, I organize events related to the Italian language and culture and I teach adjunct classes.
  • La Casa Italiana: tell us about the activities.

  • The Italian House (a.k.a Elbert House) hosts 21 students and the CPC. It is a hall dedicated to those interested in speaking the language outside the classroom and in participating in different activities such as cooking labs, movie nights and game nights. Sometimes we also organize fun quizzes about Italy and its wonders! The Italian House is the “Little Italy” of our campus, a great resource for all students with a passion for la dolce vita!
  • What are the three best events that you hosted?

  •  Last year we had so many successful events held in our amazing House! It’s hard to pick only 3, but I’ll try…

1) our BBQ di primavera! All Language Houses joined forces to feed a pack of hungry Tigers 😀 The Italian contribution: Pasta al Pesto and Caprese.

2) the Gnocchi Lab, where our incredible chef Antonio showed students and residents how to work magic with potatoes.

3) our Italian-American Colazione, which was very well attended and allowed all the Italian enthusiasts to get to know each other while stuffing themselves with great food, prepared by 2 residents.

  • Who is our new CPC of the Italian House?

  • Read more about this year CPC, Diana! 
  • How can students apply to live in the Italian House?

  • They  will need to apply online, after carefully reading the LLC & Theme Communities page.
  • If you want to apply for the next Academic Year (2018-2019), click here
  • Very precious information 🙂

Casa italiana interno

Casa Italiana