Diana Battistella


Pizza, vino, gelato, ciao!, spaghetti, moda, arte, Roma, Venezia, la torre di Pisa, ti amo, gestures, loudness, crazy driving…

I’m sure you already know what I am talking about: ITALY!

But let’s be honest: is that all?

Beyond these iconic images lies an incredible variety of places, traditions, and people.  This is what I want to show you!

My personal experience taught me how life-changing and enriching it is to get in touch with different cultures and discover them in-depth by going beneath the surface.

I’m thrilled and proud to have the opportunity to help you explore my country, its life-style, its flaws, its beauty to you, CC students!

Plus, as Thomas Mann said through one of his characters, Felix Krull:

“Sì, caro signore, per me non c’è dubbio che gli angeli nel cielo parlano italiano”

I look forward to meeting you!

  • Location: Armstrong #323
  • Phone: (719) 389-6924
  • Email: d_battistella@coloradocollege.edu